Supplementary information to the Revised Robotrace Competition Rules

The Micro Mouse Committee interprets “autonomous driving skills and speed” as being “smart and fast” and expects the development of Robotracers that embody these qualities. The term “smart” refers to intelligently understanding the challenge course, strategically planning paths from geometric and mechanical perspectives, and using intelligent control to achieve faster navigation. It implies the robot’s autonomous judgment and participation in the competition.
However, the current competition rules do not clearly indicate these aspects, and there is a lack of framework for evaluating intelligence and autonomy in the current competition. Therefore, starting from the 2023 season, we have decided to establish a new evaluation framework and criteria for intelligence. The specific names and evaluation details will be announced later on the web and other platforms.
Consequently, certain amendments will be made to the competition regulations. Previously, to prioritize efforts to enhance intelligence, we had set regulation 1-4:
“1-4 Robotracers must not be equipped with suction mechanisms to increase ground adhesion.”
However, the Micro Mouse Committee has long held the belief that we should not set prohibitions that hinder free development through new technological challenges. In line with the new establishment of evaluation criteria for intelligence, starting from the 2023 season, we will remove regulation 1-4, allowing the inclusion of mechanisms that enhance ground adhesion using external forces without hindrance. However, please note that actions that may damage the course, such as excessive tire adhesion, are still prohibited as before:
“1-5 Robotracers must not excessively increase ground adhesion through the addition of substances to tires or other means.”
We look forward to witnessing smart and fast Robotracers that showcase competitors’ innovative ideas and creativity.