Evaluation Criteria for the Micromouse in All Japan Micromouse Contest

Prize namesKey factors in winning prizes
1st Prize – 6th PrizeAwards given to the top six contestants with the shortest running time.
Autonomy PrizeAn award given to the mouse with the shortest running time after completing all runs within the time limit without touching. (During the last run, the mouse has to return to the starting point.)
New Technology PrizeEvaluation based on the willingness to incorporate new technical elements and concepts that effectively opened up technological horizons.
Superior PrizeEvaluations based on the shortest running time and other aspects of performance particularly in the category of mice produced independently by high school students or younger.
Special PrizeThe mouse that has noticeable features other than the evaluation items listed above.

* The foundation may limit the eligibility for awards to only one robot that achieves the highest score among robots demonstrating technologically similar characteristics created by a single group.


1st Prize:Certificate of award, research grant of \200,000(JPY)
2nd Prize:Certificate of award, research grant of \100,000(JPY)
3rd Prize:Certificate of award, research grant of \50,000(JPY)
4th Prize:Certificate of award, research grant of \30,000(JPY)
5th Prize:Certificate of award, research grant of \20,000(JPY)
6th Prize:Certificate of award, research grant of \10,000(JPY)
Autonomy Prize:Certificate of award, research grant of \50,000(JPY)
New Technology Prize:Certificate of award
Superior Prize:Certificate of award
Special Prize:Certificate of award

* All award recipients will receive special souvenirs. All contestants will receive a prize for participation.