Homepage Renewal

Homepage Renewal

Thanks to you, New Technology Foundation was able to had the 40th All Japan Micromouse Contest in 2019, marking a milestone.

The homepage was renewed after 2020. In recent years, not only PCs, but also information media on smartphones, etc., had made it difficult to see old pages.
In addition, on older pages, information may be updated slowly, and the system has been improved to make it easier to update information. From smartphone, you can check menu in the bottom of your browser.

In this renewal, we consider design and structure to browse easily not only PC but smartphone.
Old page had some problem to put information on time because of system.
We can deliver news in timely with this renewal.

We think there are many people who got used to the old page, but please look forward to the new homepage.

For the time being, we intend to enhance the Japanese version.
However, inquiries from overseas have been increasing recently, so we will release the English version as soon as possible.

In addition, please send information about what can be widely called to participants to contest in your country. We can link your URL with the date and place.

Most of the activities of our foundation are public utilities through All Japan Micromouse Contest. We would like to provide useful information for those who are interested in Micromouse and Robtrace.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support for our activities.

Thank you for your cooperation.

About old page

You can access old page from here (in Japanese).

NTF -New Technology Foundation- 公益財団法人ニューテクノロジー振興財団